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Your Management

If you are someone who wants active management for their 401-(k) account, Your Management may be perfect for you.

If your plan allows, we can assist you in creating a Brokerage Link Account (Fidelity) or a Personal Choice Retirement Plan (Schwab) for your 401-(k) plan. Your assets stay where they are, in your company sponsored plan. You will then have access to thousands of investment choices on a very robust platform that we actively manage for you.

You do not have to make the investment changes to your account, because we are actively managing the account for you.

As with all of our services, you will have access to your Personal Financial Web Site to assist you in monitoring and managing ALL of your accounts, not just your 401-(k) plan. We will also complete your individual Retirement Plan Analysis for you.

You will receive a personalized Quarterly Performance Summary to review your portfolio's return for the last quarter against major market indexes. 

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