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Independent Financial Partners (IFP) is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and independent broker/dealer located in Tampa, Florida. IFP supports a network of over 200 financial advisors located throughout the United States who specialize in wealth management and retirement plan consulting. The advisors at IFP collectively oversee in excess of $4.6 billion (as of 12/31/2018), giving us the ability to access resources such as enhanced technology, vendor support, and marketing opportunities not available to an individual office. Our goal as a firm is to leverage our network and give our advisors access to state-of-the-art resources while still maintaining the feel of a smaller service-driven boutique firm. IFP advisors maintain their independence while owning and operating their books of business, but they always have IFP's support in building and growing their practices. For more information, please visit


GPS Wealth Management is proud to be supported by Independent  Financial Partners (IFP) in the effort to provide the best combination of services and programs to our clients.

GPS Wealth Management and IFP are separate and independent entities working together  within a highly regulated framework. In the independent financial services arena, a financial advisor has the ability to select those platforms, programs and services that he or she thinks are the most appropriate to meet the needs of his or her clients. GPS Wealth Management has selected  IFP to meet those  needs.

There  are two  primary channels through which GPS Wealth Management can provide financial advice and services. These channels differ by 1) the way in which the advisor is compensated,  and 2) the entity that supervises the business being done, among other things.


The two channels are as follows:

•    Fee  based - where a financial advisor is compensated  by a recurring fee for services provided. These services are offered by, transacted  through, and supervised  by IFP Advisors, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser (RIA).

•    Commission based - where a financial advisor is compensated  by commissions earned on solicited and non-solicited transactions. This business is also transacted  and supervised by IFP Securities LLC, a broker dealer, member of FINRA.

GPS Wealth Management and IFP are interwoven through IFP's hybrid platform, allowing an advisor to tap into either business channel when deemed most appropriate. Using state-of-the-art technology and regulated relationships, the IFP infrastructure  provides a seamless way to integrate all the offerings of an advisor's practice.

What makes this hybrid and complex platform the preferred  platform of GPS Wealth Management is that it allows for the most independent, flexible, non-biased method of serving our clients' needs. There are no proprietary products or sales quotas that have to be met, and we can select products and services for our clients with minimal outside influence or conflict of interest.

You are a client of GPS Wealth Management and we are committed  to providing you with the highest level of service to meet your financial needs. Our  relationship with IFP gives us, in our opinion, the best opportunity to deliver on our commitment to you.

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